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This is where students and parents in the Twin Cities German Immersion School band program can find information on lessons, performances, materials needed, and other things as they arise.

2019-2020 5-8th graders Band Registration

I have a spreadsheet that I’d like you to fill out, but would rather not have home email info on this public website. Please email me for the link to the spreadsheet. Thanks!

Lesson Schedule for the 2019-2020 school year

Lesson Assignments for weekly group lessons during school.

Summer Lessons

I will be teaching summer lessons at my home and studio. Please scroll to the VERY bottom of this page to see where/when I teach. I have most of my openings on Thursday afternoons in Roseville and Wednesday afternoon in South Minneapolis. Visit here to get more info on rates at my locations. 2-4 kids can take a lesson together and split the price!

General Information

WELCOME TO A NEW YEAR OF BAND!  Parents, please read at the beginning of each school year to refresh yourselves on policy and guidelines.

STUDENT EXPECTATIONS   Please read and sign form!!!!

Students in grades 5-8 can take band lessons during the school day on Thursdays.  Lessons are $10 per class.
Session 1 is $
Session 2 is $
Session 3 is $ (8th graders pay $)

Any 6-8 grader taking lessons elsewhere may participate in Konzert Band Wednesdays after school 3:30-4:30.  This cost is $5 per class.
Session 1 is $
Session 2 is $
Session 3 is $

If you cannot afford lessons, please let me know.  I will not turn anyone away.  If you are able to contribute extra to help out a student, please let me know that as well.  

Instruments are not available through the school. I highly recommend Craig's List for used (email me a link if you have questions) or a local music store to rent.


Venmo (Krista-Johnson-83)
Cash App (KristaAWJohnson)
PayPal (
Apple pay (6122093396)

Days/Times/Dates To Know

There is a calendar at the bottom of this page!!!!!

LESSON DAYS are Thursdays. All students need their instruments and music on Thursdays.

KONZERT BAND (6-8 band rehearsal) meets Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 in the Drama room. No rehearsals on Early Release Days.

KLASSE 5 BAND will meet a few times on Wednesdays after school before St Martinstag and in the spring before the final concert.

FINAL CONCERT spring 2020: TBA. Potluck will follow.

Books and Materials Students Need

INSTRUMENTS (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone): You need to borrow, rent, or purchase an instrument for you child. Playing on a mediocre instrument, or any instrument that isn’t in good working condition is extremely frustrating!!! The $50 flute on Amazon isn’t a good deal; it’s probably not a good instrument to start with. If you have questions about instruments, send me the links. IF BORROWING: when was it last played? Does it need an overhaul to be in good working order? IF RENTING: sometimes more expensive, but the area music stores are great! They’ve got you covered. IF PURCHASING FROM CRAIGSLIST OR THE LIKE: send me the link and I can let you know if it’s a good horn or not. Please note that purchasing used may mean you have to have some work done to get it working well.

TROMBONES: if you don’t have one, I highly recommend a Pbone. Not a Pbone mini!!!!!

PERCUSSIONISTS NEED BELL KITS: Here is an example. They can start out with just a pair of sticks (Vic Firth 5B wood tip), the book listed below, and a block of wood to hit on.

EVERYONE:  Band Lesson Book
Used books are acceptable!  No need for the version with a CD; I don't use them.
alto sax

Download all students:
Laterne, Laterne        flute/bells  clarinet/trumpet  sax  trombone  percussion

Downlaod grades 6-8:
Sankt Martin        flute/bells  clarinet/trumpet  sax trombone percussion
Ich Gehe Mit Meine Laterne     flute/bells  clarinet/trumpet  sax  trombone  percussion

Download music for Konzert Band (meets Wednesdays 3:30-4:30)

Bb Concert Scale print only the page you need for your child's instrument; it's all one document.

Chorale (7-8th graders, this is the same page from last year) flute clarinet sax trumpet trombone percussion

GRADES 6-8:  Links are to the flute book; make sure you purchase the book for YOUR INSTRUMENT!
Festival Ensembles
Film Favorites